Is BMI Calculator is the Sole Mechanism to evaluate your Body Weight? – Let’s Explore the Alternatives

Body Mass Index – A Briefing

Body mass Index basically calculates your body weight in comparison to your height. If your body mass index comes out to be high, it will be the matter of severity. Recognized and confirmed by doctors and healthcare professionals, BMI is the good measure of weight. The professionals are utilizing the apparatus for routine check-ups. BMI has been in practice since 1840s but unfortunately it has some cons as well.

BMI – Its Cons

Firstly, the issue with bmi calculator is that its estimation regarding body fat is wrongfully estimated. Secondly, the fat percentage of men and women can be equal however their BMI emerges out to be diverse. Third and final, the human body contains multiple muscles that ultimately can lodge inaccurate BMI reading.

Taking such cons into account, Nick Trefethen from Oxford University presented several alternatives to BMI. Thus, shifting your trend towards such alternatives will give you a better picture regarding the concentration of your fats.

Quick Alternatives to Body Mass Index

Coming up here are the bmi calculator alternatives to catch your weight truly.

Body Adiposity Index (BAI)

Surprisingly, BAI is deprived of weight while calculating the body weight. To gauge the amount of fats within your body, BAI considers the factor of hip in relation to your height. Its calculations are more approximate than BMI. More surprisingly, this measure can be used at the places of desert or jungle.

Waist Circumference Measurement

A traditional method of tape measure can never be ignored when it comes to measure your body weight. Having your waist measured, you will appear with the indication of abdominal fat inside the body. Having measured your waist circumference, the risk regarding medical conditions can be tapped.

Waist to Hip Ratio

Waist to hip ratio will get you at the exact point of gauging out surplus weight. For calculation purpose, measure your waist and huge segment of your hip via tape measure. Next, divide waist calculation by hip calculation. The yield figure will be compared with the following categories launched by German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention.






Normal Weight

0.90 – 0.99

0.80 – 0.84

Over Weight

Above 1.0

Above 0.85


Hydrostatic Weighing

A proficient mode to calculate fats, hydrostatic is a complex alternative yet successful one. For the process to proceed, you need to sit on a chair in underwater. This will exhale some air from your lungs. Next, you need to place your head underwater. The moment the scale gets balanced, your weight will be gauged at the same instance. The yielding amount will be put in several formulas which will ultimately get you to the body fat reading.

Body Fat Measuring

Under this alternative, the measurements of skin and fat are judged from the different parts of your body; biceps, triceps, shoulder blade and waist. The entire measurement figures will be summed-up and that one amount will be plotted on a graph. It takes age, sex and measurement into account. Finally, the concentration of your body fat will be exposed out on the screen. Of course, the high body fat will click the risk of more obesity problems.